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REELING: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

I Feel Like Disco

Ich fühl mich Disco

Directed by Axel Ranisch

Germany / 2013 / 98 mins / German with English subtitles


I FEEL LIKE DISCO tells the bittersweet story of a family learning to accept each other. Slightly overweight teenager Florian (newcomer Frithjof Gawenda) has trouble fitting in with people his own age and shows little interest in sports or girls. When he’s alone, he likes to dance to his favorite male German disco star. His father Hanno (Heiko Pinkowski) trains divers at the local pool and knows that his relationship with Florian is stressed nearly to the breaking point. Florian’s mother Monika (a dazzling Christina Große) was always there to mind the gulf between them, but when she suffers a stroke and slips into a coma, father and son are forced to deal with each other and cope with a new reality. Axel Ranisch’s coming-of-age tale is told with equal parts humor, absurdity, honesty, and pain, with a sensitive touch that never loses sight of the film’s refreshingly awkward sweetness. This film is co-presented by PFLAG Oak Park