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REELING: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Olya’s Love

Directed by Kirill Sakharnov

Austria, Russia / 2015 / 68 mins / Russian


Olya is a lesbian and active member of the LGBTQ community in Russia, but her partner Galiya doesn’t want to let politics rule her life. When the Russian Duma launches their new discriminating laws against homosexuals, Olya starts to fight even harder, putting her relationship with Galiya to the test. Sakharnov’s shocking inside look at the rising tide of homophobia in Russia, which finds Olya often caught in the middle of violent anti-gay demonstrations, is balanced by personal glimpses of Galiya and the endearing Olya in their tiny apartment, a haven for themselves and their friends within the increasingly dangerous climate for gays and lesbians in Moscow. The sweet natured Olya, the tougher Galiya, and the fierce determination of their friends on the forefront of the gay activist movement in Russia culminates in an unforgettable film. This film is co-presented by The Women’s Center at DePaul University.