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REELING: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Then and Now | A Dyke Delicious Program

85 mins


Get ready to see some Super Dykes who led the way with a few rom-coms to save the day! Fan-favorite Reeling alums, director Ryan Logan and writer/star Fawzia Mirza, are back again with THE FIRST SESSION – remember your first couples’ therapy session? Well, this ain’t it. Protests, potlucks, and three-ways are just the “tip of the rice bowl” for five Asian American lesbians in SEX, POLITICS, AND STICKY RICE. And Chicago’s own stand-up star Sapna Kumar writes, produce,s and stars in SAPPHIC PRESS which highlights the very real struggles of owning a feminist academic press facing extinction.

In This Program

  1. 11 Life Lessons From an Awesome Old Dyke

    Allison Khoury / USA / 2015 / 9 mins
    Badass Dorothy shares some lesbian life lessons. Bring a note pad.

  2. Beat

    Tricia Hagoriles / Canada / 2015 / 15 mins
    A cute courier has an igniting effect on a young hermit-like illustrator.

  3. The First Session

    Ryan Logan / USA / 2015 / 6 mins
    Do you remember your first couples’ therapy session? This “ain’t” it.

  4. Moonlight

    Janella Lacson / USA / 2014 / 12 mins
    Tethered to an ankle monitor, Lara leads a lonely life trapped inside her townhouse where her demons lurk in the shadows until she receives an unexpected visit.

  5. Nancy From East Side Clover

    Gregorio Davila / USA / 2014 / 9 mins
    83-year-old Nancy prefers the comfort of men’s clothes, but back in the 1950’s she was routinely arrested for this “misdemeanor” crime.

  6. Sapphic Press

    Lu Louis / USA / 2015 / 11.5 mins
    Chicago’s own stand-up, Sapna Kumar, wrote, produced and stars as the frustrated owner of a feminist academic press that faces extinction.

  7. Sex, Politics, and Sticky Rice

    Tina Takemoto / USA / 2014 / 18 mins
    Protests, potlucks, and three-ways are just the 'tip of the rice bowl' for five Asian American lesbians recounting their shared adventures over the last 30 years.

  8. Stella Walsh

    Rob Lucas / USA / 2014 / 14 mins
    1932 Olympian gold medalist, Stella Walsh, was one of the most celebrated female athletes of her time, until her untimely murder revealed her ambiguous gender.