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REELING: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Tongue-Tied & Twisted

79 mins


Get tangled up in the provocative aerial performance in TWITCH before unraveling into this collection of visually stimulating shorts. INTRINSIC MORAL EVIL uses dance and musicality to explore identity, friendship and love, all while a darker secret lies in waiting. While THE TYPIST takes us back through the lens of a gay Korean War veteran responsible for discharging outed sailors, THE FUTURE PERFECT looks forward to a sci-fi reality where one man (Robert Baker, MAD MEN) is convinced by another (Zachary Quinto, STAR TREK) to do a dark job in hopes of creating a brighter future.

In This Program

  1. The Future Perfect

    Nicolas Citton / Canada / 2014 / 11 mins
    This minimalist sci-fi story travels through time, pushing a man to wrestle with his personal morality and a gleaming future within his grasp.

  2. Instrinsic Moral Evil

    Harm Weistra / The Netherlands / 2013 / 11 mins
    A visually stimulating performance that presents a challenging narrative: Is it a memory, a dream, a search for identity? Is it about losing of friendship or about growing up?

  3. Rites

    Bunnyz / USA / 2015 / 10.5 mins
    A young man is lured to New York City’s Black Party, where he lusts after the object of his obsession by experimenting with the rituals of an underground society.

  4. Showboy

    Samuel Leighton-Dore / Australia / 2013 / 15 mins
    After the unexpected death of his mother, a young football player, Julian Maxwell, finds himself struggling to support his depressed, unemployed father while fighting to keep his secrets: He's not only gay, but performs drag shows.


    Jules de Niverville / Canada / 2015 / 5 mins
    TWITCH chronicles the life-pulse of a creature in conflict: its stirrings/twitching/convulsions, its agonizing missteps and battle with demons. It’s an ode to overcoming dark energies that lie within, and the ascent of the spirit that soars to its resolution.

  6. The Typist

    Kristine Stolakis / USA / 2014 / 8 mins
    A gay Korean War Vet reflects on his time as the office clerk tasked with writing the discharges of outed gay sailors.