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Golden Boys | SHORTS!

89 mins

Golden Boys | SHORTS!

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
Monday, September 25 9:00 PM Buy Tickets


Whether they’re navigating the difficulties of depression or coming to terms with events of the past, the characters in these shorts find themselves putting it all on the line for love. Old friendships are faced with unfortunate truths in GOLDEN BOYS and MARZ; small, seemingly insignificant moments become meaningful for the couples in AFTERGLOW and THE NEWS TODAY; in BREAKFAST, a couple is confronted with their frustrations and anxieties in an unexpected way. A dating app offers a teen a solution to his search for sex in TOMMYTEEN18; while another young man is confronted with a choice between “curing” his homosexuality or being rejected by his religious community in DEVIL WEARS A SUIT.

In This Program

  1. Afterglow

    Akira Kamiki / Brazil / 2017 / 12 mins
    David discovers that his boyfriend Allen is suffering from depression and, over the course of a day, makes him see the beauty and pleasure in life’s more mundane moments.

  2. Breakfast

    Tyler Byrnes / USA / 2016 / 10 mins
    When a young man suffering from anorexia is pressured to eat breakfast by his boyfriend, the couple are thrust into an otherworld where their anxieties and frustrations are made horrifyingly real.

  3. Devil Wears a Suit

    Eli Mak / USA / 2017 / 20 mins
    A Jewish boy must decide whether to ‘cure’ his homosexuality with a new injectable ‘treatment’ or be ostracised from his religious community forever.

  4. Golden Boys

    Jill Riley / USA / 2016 / 8 mins
    Three longtime friends on an unexpected bender end up back at their old private school looking to cause trouble, but their trip down memory lane reveals the true consequences of having been the school's ‘golden boys’.

  5. Marz

    Bobby Yan / USA / 2017 / 11 mins
    A childhood friendship is put to the test after a fleeting encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.

  6. The News Today

    Lisa Donato / USA / 2017 / 12 mins
    The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant.

  7. TommyTeen18

    Vicent Fitz-Jim / Netherlands / 2017 / 16 mins
    Bridging the void between childhood and maturity, fifteen year old Tommy loses himself in his search for male sex - a dating app seems to offer a solution.

Dates & Times

Golden Boys | SHORTS!

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
Monday, September 25 9:00 PM Buy Tickets