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In A Heartbeat | SHORTS!

90 mins

In A Heartbeat | SHORTS!

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
Saturday, September 23 2:30 PM Buy Tickets


These coming of age tales are all about coming out, changing relationships, and new beginnings. Jota shares a secret with his best friend Santi in SWIMMING POOL; and couples experiment with the idea of an open relationship in MONOGAMISH and SEEKING: JACK TRIPPER; a heart that can’t be tamed could mean love or humiliation for a closeted schoolboy in IN A HEARTBEAT; while newly single Jonah seeks out a relationship in SOMETHING NEW; PLEASE HOLD tells the story of a random hook up that leads to an HIV test and an unexpected friendship; the experimental animated documentary THE MEDIEVAL PEOPLE depicts the life of Chicago AIDS activist Lori Cannon; and BAYARD & ME recounts the relationship of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin and his younger boyfriend Walter. Whether their ventures are successful or end in disaster, the lives of these characters will never be the same.

In This Program

  1. Bayard & Me

    Matt Wolf / USA / 2017 / 16 mins
    Bayard Rustin, one of the leaders of the civil rights movement, adopted his younger boyfriend Walter to obtain the legal protections of marriage. In this intimate love story, Walter remembers Bayard and a time when marriage equality was inconceivable.

  2. In A Heartbeat

    Beth David & Esteban Bravo / USA / 2017 / 4 mins
    A closeted schoolboy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

  3. The Medieval People

    Michal Janicki / USA / 2017 / 4 mins
    Experimental, animated documentary film about Lori Cannon, the legendary AIDS activist from Chicago.

  4. Monogamish

    Carlton Daniel / USA / 2016 / 14 mins
    Cooper is eager to take his relationship to the next level, but when his boyfriend floats the idea of an open relationship, he has to rethink his previous expectations of what "love" really looks like.

  5. Please Hold

    Jerell Rosales / USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    When a condom breaks during a random hook-up with a stranger, Danny gets an HIV test and an unexpected new friend.

  6. Seeking: Jack Tripper

    Quinlan Orear / USA / 2016 / 14 mins
    A gay married couple tries to have a threesome in an attempt to overcome a rut in their relationship, only to realize just how rusty domestication has left their pickup game.

  7. Something New

    TJ Marchbank / USA / 2017 / 15 mins
    After a break up, Jonah struggles to open up to a new relationship with awkward/hilarious/disastrous results.

  8. Swimming Pool

    Carlos Ruano / Spain / 2017 / 10 mins
    In the outskirts of Madrid, Santi and Jota can usually be found drinking in the park, hitting the clubs, and talking about girls. When Jota is feeling off one day, Santi wants to know what’s up - but how will he feel when Jota finally shares his secret?

Dates & Times

In A Heartbeat | SHORTS!

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
Saturday, September 23 2:30 PM Buy Tickets