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Festival Staff

Richard Knight, Jr. | Features Programming Director
Brenda Webb | Features Co-Programmer, Executive Director of Chicago Filmmakers
Sharon Zurek | Shorts Co-Programmer, Dyke Delicious programs 
Sarah M. Rubin | Shorts Co-Programmer
Kristen Hanson | Marketing Manager
Sophie Mannaerts | Operations Manager
Jackie Robbins | Marketing and Operations Coordinator

Patrick Friel | Print Traffic & Hospitality Manager
Rondell Merrill | Volunteer and Box Office Manager
Rob Walton Publicist, Allied Integrated Marketing
Neil Trais | Graphic Designer, Digital Dog Graphics
Suki Sath | Poster Artwork Designer
Zoe Mann | Marketing Intern
Israel Wright | Program Book Ad Sales

Shorts Review Committee
Emiliano Burr
Kim Chayeb
John Coleman
Charles May
Thomas Z. Seffernick