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  1. 1985

    YEN TAN / features / USA / 2018 / 81 mins
    In this bittersweet, deeply human drama from award-winning writer-director Yen Tan (PIT STOP; CIAO), Manhattan transplant Adrian (Cory Michael Smith, GOTHAM; CAROL) returns to his Texas hometown for Christmas during the first wave of the AIDS crisis, hiding both his HIV status and his sexuality from his religious conservative mother (Virginia Madsen, SIDEWAYS) and father (Michael Chiklis, THE SHIELD). Adrian reconnects with his younger brother, who may be questioning his own budding sexuality, and his estranged childhood pal and onetime girlfriend (Jamie Chung), while struggling with whether to reveal his true nature and health challenges.

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Wednesday, September 26 7:15 PM Buy Tickets

  2. Adonis

    SCUD / features / Hong Kong / 2017 / 97 mins
    North American Premiere! Renowned for his erotically outrageous films (VOYAGE; UTOPIANS; AMPHETAMINE), Scud pushes the envelope even further with ADONIS, his seventh feature. It’s the story of Yang Ke (Adonis He Fei), an actor with the Beijing Opera, whose dreams of stardom are fading now that he’s pushing 30. When he loses his job and is down on his luck, he finds himself answering ads for “nude outdoor model” gigs and soon ends up participating in what will become his ticket to infamy: a gay porn film that becomes a sensation in the underground. As Ke descends further and further into a world of hedonism as a hotly desired sex worker, he finds himself increasingly emotionally detached. When Ke accepts the invitation of a mysterious, masked client (played by gay porn star Eric East) on his 30th birthday, even he might have found his limits. Filled with the mind blowing visuals and ultra-sexy cast director Scud is renowned for, ADONIS may well be his most provocative film. Contains graphic visual content; viewer discretion advised. For mature audiences only. Scheduled to attend: Scud (director/writer/producer).

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Tuesday, September 25 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

  3. Alaska is a Drag

    SHAZ BENNETT / features / USA / 2017 / 88 mins
    Tough, but diva fabulous, Leo (Martin L. Washington, Jr.) is stuck working in a fish cannery in Alaska dreaming of drag superstardom. To escape the monotony of fish guts, Leo and his twin sister hang out at the town’s only gay bar owned by their surly surrogate mom (a hilarious Margaret Cho). Out of necessity, Leo’s learned to defend himself and his fighting skills catch the eye of his cannery boss (Jason Scott Lee), who offers to train him. When Declan (Matt Dallas), the buff new guy in town and the object of Leo’s erotic yearnings, offers to be his sparring partner, Leo has a choice to make – drag, boxing or both? This offbeat dramedy from writer-director Shaz Bennett is the essence of a fish out of water story – literally.
    Alaska is a Drag

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Sunday, September 23 5:00 PM Buy Tickets

  4. Analysis Paralysis

    JASON T. GAFFNEY / features / USA / 2018 / 91 mins
    Tyler (co-writer/director Gaffney) seems like the perfect catch. He’s smart, funny and adorably hunky, but he suffers from an unusual anxiety disorder – analysis paralysis, which makes him incapable of taking action without imagining the multiple ways that each possible choice could go wrong. At the behest of his therapist, Tyler fights the disorder by asking out his dreamy neighbor Shane (Kevin Held). Despite the odds (visualized with a multitude of hilarious fantasies), the romance flourishes until Tyler’s affliction comes up against a stumbling block that might finally be too much for the couple: Shane’s rigidly stern parents. You won’t have to fight your resistance to this delightful romantic comedy. ***Scheduled to attend: Jason T. Gaffney (director/writer/producer/actor), Matt Gorlick (producer), Kevin Held (actor), Suzanne Brockmann (producer), Ed Gaffney (producer/writer)***
    Analysis Paralysis

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Thursday, September 27 9:30 PM Buy Tickets

  5. Anchor and Hope

    CARLOS MARQUES-MARCET / features / Spain / 2017 / 112 mins
    Eva (Oona Chaplin, GAME OF THRONES; BLACK MIRROR) and Kat (Natalia Tena, HARRY POTTER’S Nymphadora Tonks) live a carefree lifestyle aboard their London canal boat until Eva presents Kat with an ultimatum: she wants a child. Kat resists, knowing that it will end their bohemian existence, but when her best friend Roger (David Verdaguer) visits from Barcelona and offers to be the sperm donor, the three independent spirits decide to go for a more traditional life. As Eva revels in her pregnancy and Roger fantasizes about his role in this new family, Kat feels like a third wheel, and suddenly what was meant to enrich their lives threatens to pull them apart. This amicable, eccentric romantic drama features a wonderful supporting performance from acting legend Geraldine Chaplin (Oona’s real life mother) as Eva’s no-nonsense mom.
    Anchor and Hope

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Saturday, September 22 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

  6. Buddies

    ARTHUR J. BRESSAN, JR. / features / USA / 1985 / 81 mins
    When timid 25-year-old New Yorker David (David Schachter) volunteers to be a “buddy” to an AIDS patient, the community center assigns him to Robert (Geoff Edholm), a 32-year-old gay activist from California who has been abandoned by his friends and lovers. With each subsequent visit to his hospital room, the growing bond between the two men unfolds as Robert recalls his life as a handsome, confident and pioneering gay activist to David, who records his thoughts about their visits in a journal. This early queer cinema classic, the first dramatic feature film about AIDS, has long been unavailable and will be shown in a new digital restoration. Reeling’s connection to BUDDIES couldn’t be more personal: it played on opening night of the festival in 1985 to a sold-out crowd at the Music Box with director Bressan in attendance.

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Monday, September 24 9:15 PM Buy Tickets

  7. Call Her Ganda

    PJ RAVAL / features / Phillipines, USA / 2018 / 98 mins
    When Jennifer Laude, a 26-year-old Filipina and alleged sex worker, is found dead in a motel room, the perpetrator is quickly identified as 19-year-old U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton. Pemberton solicited Jennifer at a disco while on liberty leave, brutally murdering her when he discovered she was transgender. Amidst a media storm and police inquiry, three women intimately invested in the case pursue justice – an activist attorney, a transgender investigative journalist, and Jennifer’s mother – taking on hardened histories of U.S. imperial rule that have allowed previous American perpetrators in the Philippines to evade consequences. Part human interest story, part investigative exposé, the Hollywood Reporter calls CALL ME GANDA “As suspenseful as it is moving.”
    Call Her Ganda

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Sunday, September 23 1:15 PM Buy Tickets

  8. Canary (Kanarie)

    CHRISTIAAN OLWAGEN / features / South Africa / 2018 / 122 mins
    Seventeen-year-old Johan is a small-town boy whose love for Boy George and Depeche Mode makes him an easy target for bullying from the neighborhood kids. When he gets drafted during apartheid by the South African Army, Johan is accepted into the Kanaries, the military’s traveling choir. Johan’s innate musical gifts are embraced by his fellow misfits, but as the tour continues, his eyes are opened to the oppression and injustice around him. At the same time, his long-repressed sexual identity, heightened by an illicit affair with one of his fellow songbirds, threatens to push him into the danger zone. Set in the mid-80s, this dramedy with vibrant musical numbers artfully explores issues of sexuality, patriotism, and the power of individuality – all set to a throbbing new wave beat.
    Canary (Kanarie)

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Friday, September 21 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

  9. Christabel

    ALEX LEVY-HELLER / features / Brazil / 2017 / 112 mins
    Deep in the vast tropical savannah of Brazil’s Cerrado region, Christabel, the only daughter of a rural farmer, finds a woman late one night in the forest who says she's been attacked by men. Christabel offers her shelter in the home she shares with her father. Enthralled by the mysterious Geraldine’s independent spirit, the tenderhearted Christabel soon finds herself falling under the older woman’s sultry spell. Geraldine claims to be the daughter of one of Christabel’s father’s sworn enemies and urges him to journey to meet her father and reconcile. Once alone, the seductive tension between the two women builds to a passionate encounter that Christabel has secretly desired, but Geraldine’s motives may be less than pure. This moody, erotic film, a sensual melding of gothic romance and the supernatural, was inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s legendary poem. Scheduled to attend: Alex Levy-Heller (director/writer/co-producer/editor).

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Wednesday, September 26 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

  10. Conversations With Gay Elders: Kerby Lauderdale

    DAVID WEISSMAN / features / USA / 2017 / 69 mins
    With astonishing detail, honest insight, and unadorned poignancy, Kerby Lauderdale, a man in his late 70s, recounts the major events that shaped his life and identity as a gay man, in this intimate filmed conversation with David Weissman, the acclaimed director of the award-winning documentaries WE WERE HERE and THE COCKETTES. Weissman leads Lauderdale through a fascinating tour of this “regular guy’s” life – from his vivid recollections of his sexual awakening, through a first college romance, to a lengthy marriage to a woman, and an eventual coming out that led him to a 14-year partnership with a man during the height of the AIDS epidemic, Lauderdale is expressive, sincere and deeply touching as he recalls his journey to wholeness. The film is an installment of Weissman’s ongoing intergenerational oral history documentary series. Scheduled to attend: David Weissman (director) and Kerby Lauderdale (subject)
    Conversations With Gay Elders: Kerby Lauderdale

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Sunday, September 23 3:15 PM Buy Tickets

  11. Country Noise

    LISA MILLER / features / Germany / 2017 / 102 mins
    After years of indulging in the cosmopolitan high life of Berlin, Toni finds herself broke and in a 20-something crisis. She decides to return to Bubenhausen, the small town she once called home. Saddled with a sullen father and a conservative, prejudiced mother, not to mention a dead-end gig as an intern for a local newspaper, life is anything but a cabaret for Toni. “Hip” is not the word for Bubenhausen, but things look up when the pink-haired Toni is assigned to cover the local Carnival celebration and she reconnects with her childhood friend, the fun-loving, lip-pierced, trombone player, Rosa. These two kindred spirits do their best to shake up humdrum Bubenhausen – but Rosa’s crush on the proudly gender-fluid Toni may or may not be reciprocated – and it might finally be time for her to grow up. Miller’s liberating, raucous comedy was an official entry of the Berlin International Film Festival.
    Country Noise

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Tuesday, September 25 7:15 PM Buy Tickets

  12. Daddy Issues

    AMARA CASH / features / USA / 2018 / 86 mins
    Maya Mitchell (Madison Lawlor) is a talented queer artist on the verge of a first love that is more complicated than anything she could ever imagine. She spends her days escaping into her drawings and social media, where she cyberstalks the alluring Jasmine Jones (Montana Manning), an aspiring designer who is in an emotionally charged, co-dependent relationship with Simon Craw (Andrew Pifko), a neurotic sugar daddy. When Maya and Jasmine’s paths finally cross, they begin a romantic relationship that provides Maya her every dream of first love and gives Jasmine the creative inspiration she needs to jump start her career. It's all gumdrops and fairytales until a bizarre love triangle soon emerges – thanks to those pesky daddy issues. Cash’s visually eye-popping, wildly offbeat tale of a twisted relationship has been described as being the lovechild of Wes Anderson and David Lynch.
    Daddy Issues

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Saturday, September 22 9:30 PM Buy Tickets

  13. Devil’s Path

    MATTHEW MONTGOMERY / features / USA / 2018 / 86 mins
    In the early ‘90s, two strangers, Noah (Stephen Twardokus) and Patrick (JD Scalzo) meet in a wilderness park where gay men cruise for sex. What seems like a random encounter quickly descends into a horrific nightmare. With recent disappearances and attacks, the two men soon find themselves on the run, drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. As they flee further into the woods they begin to understand that the greatest danger may be closer than either of them realizes. Will these strangers be able to work together to survive or will their own secrets and lies lead them to be the next two victims? Gay indie acting fave Montgomery (PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER; SOCKET; FINDING MR. WRIGHT) makes his directorial debut with this creepy, sexy thriller that will have you guessing until the last moment. Scheduled to attend: Matthew Montgomery (director/co-writer).
    Devil’s Path

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Sunday, September 23 7:15 PM Buy Tickets

  14. Freelancers Anonymous | OPENING NIGHT!

    SONIA SEBASTIAN / features / USA / 2018 / 81 mins
    Reeling’s 36th edition kicks off with this Chicago-based fizzy screwball comedy. Stuck in a dead-end job with an impossible-to-please boss played by a hilarious Alexandra Billings (TRANSPARENT, GOLIATH), Billie (Lisa Cordileone, EASY ABBY) has a meltdown and quits. Now what is she going to tell her demanding fiancé Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis, ALMOST ADULTS) who’s planning a lavish wedding? When she meets a ragtag group of other underemployed women, Billie is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app for freelancers. Billie takes the risk of her life, lying to Gayle in order to buy time. When the wedding and app launch party are booked for the same day, will the sly, resourceful Billie be able to keep it all together? This delightful romp from director Sonia Sebastian (GIRL GETS GIRL) features an outstanding supporting cast of seasoned laugh getters including Jennifer Bartels (AMERICAN WOMAN; BROKEN), Megan Cavanagh (A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN; SCROOGE & MARLEY), and Amy Shiels (TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN). Immediately following the screening, come celebrate with the cast and crew of FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS in the Davis Theater's adjoining Carbon Arc Bar & Board and enjoy delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer. You must purchase a Film + Party ticket for admission to the party. Scheduled to attend: Lisa Cordileone (co-writer/actress/co-producer), Sonia Sebastián (director/co-producer), Megan Cavanagh (actress), Natasha Negovanlis (actress)
    Freelancers Anonymous | Opening Night Film

    The Davis Theater
    Thursday, September 20 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

    Freelancers Anonymous | Opening Night Film + Party

    The Davis Theater
    Thursday, September 20 7:00 PM Buy Tickets

  15. Funny Story

    MICHAEL GALLAGHER / features / USA / 2018 / 87 mins
    When narcissistic, womanizing TV star Walter Campbell (Matthew Glave, GRACE AND FRANKIE; FEUD; THE WEDDING SINGER) discovers that his latest fling is pregnant, he figures he better break the news to his estranged adult daughter Nicole (Jana Winternitz, THE THINNING) in person by crashing her vacation in Big Sur. As a favor to Nic, he agrees to bring her friend Kim (Emily Bett Rickards, ARROW), along with him on the drive. When they arrive at their destination, Walter realizes he’s unknowingly invited himself to his daughter’s wedding with Kim. Surrounded by Nic’s closest gal pals, he’s a fish out of water. But that isn’t the biggest problem – he’s learned something about Kim on the trip up that might mean he has to ruin the wedding. What’s a father to do? Gallagher’s delightfully dark wedding dramedy, a Slamdance Festival favorite, offers some surprisingly insightful answers.
    Funny Story

    Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
    Thursday, September 27 7:15 PM Buy Tickets