The Blonde One

Un Rubio

Directed by Marco Berger

Cast: Alfonso Baron, Charly Velasco, Justo Calabria, Antonia de Michelis, Melissa Falter, Malena Irusta, Ailin Salas

Reeling favorite, director Marco Berger (TAEKWONDO, HAWAII), king of the gay slow burn, returns with this sensual study of a tentative friendship that escalates from a beautiful bromance into a steamy affair. Blonde Gabriel is attracted to his co-worker Juan; his attraction intensifying after he becomes Juan’s new roommate. But the sultry, dark-haired Juan doesn’t take notice, what with bedding a different woman every night. Then the shy Gabriel takes a risk and comes on to Juan. To his surprise and delight, Juan enthusiastically responds, leading to a series of hot physical encounters on the down low. When emotion begins to enter the picture, however, the suddenly emboldened Gabriel signals that he is ready to bring their relationship out into the open – a move that will completely alter their lives given their homophobic surroundings. Will Juan be strong enough to do the same?

Co-presented by the Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Wed, Sep 25
7:00 pm