Directed by Mauro Carvalho, Thiago Cazado

Cast: Paulo Sousa, Juliana Zancarano, Thiago Cazado, Denis Camargo, Eduarda Esteves, Carmen Lutcha

Lucas (Paulo Sousa) is a young man who lives with his devout aunt Lourdes (Juliana Zancanaro) in a quiet country town. He helps her by tending the garden and playing biblical songs on his keyboard during his aunt’s prayer meetings with a gaggle of local ladies. One of Lourdes’ friends has a daughter who she pushes on the polite but standoffish Lucas. Then the charitable Lourdes announces that while she is on a religious retreat, a distant cousin, Mario (Thiago Cazado), who is just out of jail, will be coming to stay. It’s not long before the hard living Mario has corrupted the sheltered Lucas with cards and liquor. And it hasn’t escaped Mario’s attention that Lucas has been salivating over his hot body and is ripe for some physical corruption as well. Things kick up a notch with unexpected results when Aunt Lourdes returns early from her retreat in this captivating and very sexy romantic comedy.

Co-presented by Mostra Film Festival.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Tue, Sep 24
7:00 pm