Directed by Ben Mankoff, Mark Blane

Cast: Blake DeLong, Christian Patrick, Donna Mitchell, Jeanine Serralles, Keisha Zollar, Lucy DeVito, Mark Blane, Matthew Shear, Naian Gonzalez Norvind, Patricia Richardson, Peter Y. Kim, Rebecca Brooksher, Rodney Richardson, Zachary Booth

Scruffy 26-year-old man baby Mark (played by writer-director Blane) arrives in Brooklyn from the Midwest ostensibly to start the art gallery job of his dreams – but that’s just a ruse to escape his stifling Midwest upbringing and his overbearing mother (Patricia Richardson in a hilarious cameo). The gallery job doesn’t exist but pushy, money demanding roommates do and so Mark hits the pavement in search of employment. Improbably, this antisocial man-child ends up becoming the nanny for a precocious six year-old boy named Milo. At the same time, he conjures up (from a psychedelic cupcake) an imaginary playmate of his own: a buff superhero named Leather-Man (Christian Patrick of INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR and fame). Blane artfully strikes a balance between Mark’s innocence and sexy, darker compulsions. A black comedy with surprising heart, Blane’s debut heralds the arrival of a fresh talent.

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