Good Kisser

Directed by Wendy Jo Carlton

Cast: Kari Alison Hodge, Julia Eringer, Courtney McCullough, Rachel Paulson, Carter Rodriquez

**Writer/Director Wendy Jo Carlton, Actors Kari Alison Hodge and Rachel Paulson as well as Producer Anne Hanson are scheduled to attend.**

Jenna (Kari Alison Hodges) agrees to a sexy weekend fling with materialistic girlfriend Kate (Rachel Paulson) and the worldly Mia (Julie Eringo). But as the night unfolds, Jenna hesitantly begins to realize she’s bitten off more than she can chew and cracks begin to form in this potential love triangle. Kate’s wish might be coming true – but not exactly the way either she or Mia imagined it. Chicago native Wendy Jo Carlton (HANNAH FREE, JAMIE AND JESSIE ARE NOT TOGETHER, EASY ABBY: HOW TO MAKE LOVE MORE DIFFICULT) returns to Reeling with this romantic drama that questions the boundaries of love and is sexy as all get out (“You’ll never look at a popsile the same way again,” the Advocate said about a particularly memorable love scene).

Co-presented by Women2Women.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Thu, Sep 26
7:15 pm