Last Ferry

Directed by Jaki Bradley

Cast: Ramon Torres, Myles Clohessy, Sheldon Best

Joseph (Ramon O. Torres, who also scripted), a young lawyer living in Harlem, makes a pilgrimage to the fabled Fire Island, desperately seeking romance and community. Only trouble is, it’s April, the thick of the off-season, and the island is dead. Just when he’s about to give up Joseph meets Shawn (Henry Ayres-Brown), a cute guy with a dark undertone who draws Joseph into what he believes will be a sex game – only to find himself drugged and his belongings stolen. During his impaired state, Joseph witnesses what looks to be a murder and narrowly escapes. His spiral downward continues until he awakens under the care of Cameron (Sheldon Best) and his friends. As Joseph integrates into the group and begins to fall for Cameron (and vice versa), memories of what he may or may not have witnessed begin to fade – until the killer reappears. Jaki Bradley’s creepy, sexy thriller will have you guessing at its outcome until the last moment.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sun, Sep 22
7:15 pm