Making Sweet Tea

Directed by John L. Jackson Jr., Nora Gross

Cast: E. Patrick Johnson, Duncan Teague, Harold Mays, Shean Atkins, Freddie Styles, Charles Danner, Jr., Countess Vivian

**Director and producer Nora Gross as well as John L. Jackson, Jr are scheduled to attend.**

The story of Sweet Tea spans more than a decade. Starting off as a scholarly book by Northwestern University Professor E. Patrick Johnson, it has since been adapted into a critically acclaimed one-man show and now this powerful new documentary. Each iteration highlights different characters and topics in the lives of black gay men of the south it chronicles. In the film, Johnson travels home to North Carolina to come to terms with his past, as well as visits Georgia, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. as he reconnects with six of the men he interviewed for the book. The men update Johnson on their lives and recount memories of their personal struggles – as well as their fleeting blissful moments – growing up black and gay in the conservative south. Throughout, Johnson also recreates highlights from the stage show. The film, like the previous iterations, gives voice to a rarely heard and seen culture. Touching, uplifting and spiced with moments of delicious humor, this is MAKING SWEET TEA.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Mon, Sep 23
7:00 pm