More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

Directed by Nicole Conn

Cast: Zoë Ventoura, Kayla Radomski

Nicole Conn, director and writer of classic lesbian romances including A PERFECT ENDING and Reeling favorite ELENA UNDONE, returns with her latest, another deeply romantic film. FBI agent McKenzie (Zoe Ventoura) escapes to the picturesque ranch town of Mervielle in the aftermath of losing her mother and spiraling down a path of erratic behavior. Upon settling in, McKenzie meets the spirited Freddie (Cale Ferrin), a young wheelchair-bound boy with special needs and his mother, Samantha (Kayla Radomki), a former dancer. As McKenzie makes an impression on the residents of Mervielle, she develops an unexpected relationship with Samantha that turns fiercely passionate and emotionally intimate. Will McKenzie be able to shake off her demons in time to realize that the love she has needed is right in front of her? Renowned character actors Bruce Davison (X-MEN, SHORT CUTS), Brooke Elliott (DROP DEAD DIVA), and Kay Lenz (HOUSE, BREEZY) round out the cast.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sat, Sep 21
5:00 pm