Steam Room Stories: The Movie

Directed by JC Calciano

Cast: Chris Boudreaux, Mariah Wesley, Bob Rumnock, Isaiah Lucas, Traci Lords, Brad Lemack, Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman, Paris Dylan, Eric D'Agostino, James Achille, Toneey Acevedo

The most popular LGBT webseries in history – with over 52 million YouTube views – is now a feature film. Traci Lords (CRY BABY, SERIAL MOM, Stephen King’s THE TOMMYKNOCKERS) stars as an evil cosmetics mogul bent on acquiring an Encino gym which she believes sits atop the magical fountain of youth. But the handsome hunks in towels (well…when they can keep them on) will do anything to save their beloved steam room from her evil clutches. They try everything from a bake sale to a car wash to a stripper contest that will have gay audiences salivating and laughing at the same time. This dizzy, camp comedy, filled with an over the top, “evil queen” performance by Lords and a host of muscle eye candy needs to be seen on the big screen to be fully appreciated! Available in “CinemaScent” (with scratch & sniff cards).

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Thu, Sep 26
9:00 pm