The Sympathy Card

Directed by Brendan Boogie

Cast: Nika Ezell Pappas, Petey J. Gibson, Lauren Neal

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Brendan Boogie is scheduled to attend.**

When butch dyke Emma’s cancer takes a turn for the worse, she presents her new wife, pretty femme Josie a deathbed order: find someone new while Emma is still around to approve of her choice. Reluctantly, Josie embarks on a painfully awkward pursuit to honor Emma’s wishes and play the field. After many hilarious failures, Josie finds herself developing feelings for Siobhan, her free-spirited florist. As her surprising bond with Siobhan deepens, Josie faces the dilemma of a time-limited present with Emma versus a possible future with Siobhan. THE SYMPATHY CARD is an unconventional comic love triangle about three women wrestling with living in the present, mortality, and bad first dates.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sun, Sep 22
7:30 pm