Where We Go From Here

Directed by Anthony Meindl

**Writer/Director and Actor Anthony Meindl is scheduled to attend the screening.**

Three acts of terror disrupt the lives of ordinary people. In Orlando, two lovers, hot muscle daddy Ricky (Anthony Meindl) and his feisty boy toy lover Raul (Matt Pascua), may be separated by the hate of another when Ricky heads out to meet friends at the local gay bar. In Binghamton, Elena (Olivia Taylor Dudley) an ESL teacher dealing with domestic abuse finds the abuse escalating when she begins tutoring Khalid (Siva Kaneswaran) and finds even greater violence at her school. In Paris, two women involved in a physical affair, complicated by the husband of one of the women, attend a concert in an attempt to forget their circumstances. Instead, they find themselves caught up in an act of brutal terrorism. Set against three real life tragedies ripped from the headlines, director-screenwriter-star Anthony Meindl has created a tremendously moving and inspiring drama that serves as both a cautionary tale about violence and an homage to its victims.

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Wed, Sep 25
9:15 pm