Behind Closed Doors

These gay dramas reveal what goes on behind closed doors, both literally and metaphorically. In MOVING DAY, a dad helps his son move into his boyfriend’s apartment and when a plumbing emergency leads him into the basement, he notices some strange things going on. Weird things are also happening in a family’s summer vacation home that seems to be haunted by the ghost of a dead homophobic father in THE SUMMER HOUSE. And even stranger things are going on in a house where four best friends, living in fake heterosexual marriages, secretly meet weekly to see their true spouses and play a game where they reminisce about their openly gay lives before the purge in the dystopian sci-fi film HIDING IN DAYLIGHT. A small town a gay man whose experience of being gay is secretly hooking up with strangers finds a sense of community and a new home when he visits his first drag bar in HOOSIER. In DOMINANT CHORD a country music star has to choose between losing his partner or coming out of the closet at the expense of his career. And in HANK, starring actor/comic Jason Stuart, an aging couple struggling to save their marriage complicate matters by bringing into their home an open relationship and a new lover.

In this program

The Summer House

Directed by Luke Willis

After many years away, Greg returns to his family’s secluded vacation house with his boyfriend only to be…

Moving Day

Directed by Regev Berkovitz

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Regev Berkovitz is scheduled to attend.** Yariv is helping his son Dekel move into his boyfriend’s…

Hiding in Daylight

Directed by Cheryl Allison

In this dystopian sci-fi short, four best friends survive a gay purge by living in fake marriages to…


Directed by Aaron Cook

**Actor Isaac Snyder is scheduled to attend.** A young gay man in a small town in Indiana experiences his first…


Directed by Hongyu Li

Recent L.A. transplants Hank and his husband Tommy struggle to save their 15-year marriage by entertaining the idea…

Dominant Chord

Directed by Jeremy Leroux

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Jeremy Leroux as well as executive producer Andre Retel are scheduled to attend.** Country music star Adam…

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