Behind Closed Doors

These gay dramas reveal what goes on behind closed doors, both literally and metaphorically. In MOVING DAY, a dad helps his son move into his boyfriend’s apartment and when a plumbing emergency leads him into the basement, he notices some strange things going on. Weird things are also happening in a family’s summer vacation home that seems to be haunted by the ghost of a dead homophobic father in THE SUMMER HOUSE. And even stranger things are going on in a house where four best friends, living in fake heterosexual marriages, secretly meet weekly to see their true spouses and play a game where they reminisce about their openly gay lives before the purge in the dystopian sci-fi film HIDING IN DAYLIGHT. A small town a gay man whose experience of being gay is secretly hooking up with strangers finds a sense of community and a new home when he visits his first drag bar in HOOSIER. In DOMINANT CHORD a country music star has to choose between losing his partner or coming out of the closet at the expense of his career. And in HANK, starring actor/comic Jason Stuart, an aging couple struggling to save their marriage complicate matters by bringing into their home an open relationship and a new lover.

In this program

The Summer House

Directed by Luke Willis

**Director Luke Willis, Actor Tim Torre and Producer Julia Epstein-Norris are scheduled to attend.** After many years away, Greg…

Moving Day

Directed by Regev Berkovitz

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Regev Berkovitz is scheduled to attend.** Yariv is helping his son Dekel move into his boyfriend’s…

Hiding in Daylight

Directed by Cheryl Allison

In this dystopian sci-fi short, four best friends survive a gay purge by living in fake marriages to…


Directed by Aaron Cook

**Actors Isaac Snyder and Brandon Rodriguez are scheduled to attend.** A young gay man in a small town in…


Directed by Hongyu Li

**Lead actor Jason Stuart is scheduled to attend the screening.** Recent L.A. transplants Hank and his husband Tommy…

Dominant Chord

Directed by Jeremy Leroux

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Jeremy Leroux as well as executive producer Andre Retel are scheduled to attend.** Country music star Adam…

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sat, Sep 21
5:30 pm