Drag, Geeks, and Schemers

Who needs reruns of “Will & Grace” when you can fulfill your craving for snappy dialogue and awkward situations with the new episodic programs on the web these days? In the Chicago-made KINGS AND QUEENS, drag performers and best friends Polly Glamory and Stevie Stars vie to become the best performers in the most competitive drag market in the country. In the new web series 5A5B, gay geek Kevin and his divorcée neighbor and friend from Jersey, Jan, navigate “only-in-New York” encounters while living Uptown. In Episode 1, Kev and Jan unknowingly arrive at the posh event of Kev’s ex-partner while gigging for a catering company. In Episode 2, when a mega heatwave hits NYC, Jan and roomie Andre sneak into the swank air conditioned penthouse of Kev’s PhD advisor. In Season 3, Episode 3 of I’M FINE, Zachary learns something unexpected about Jeff when he takes him home to meet his mother. In LESSON #8, a short film from the series “The Lessons of Alberto Ferreras,” a gay man having sex with a stranger he met via a gay hookup app finds that his attempts to fulfill the fantasies in the stranger’s profile keep meeting grumpy resistance.

In this program


Directed by Austin Bening and Alix Korda, Michael Cicetti

**Director, producer, screenwriter, and actor Michael Cicetti is scheduled to attend.** 5A5B is a comedic episodic about Kev,…

I’m Fine

Directed by Andrew Ceperley, Brandon Kirby

In the third episode of the final season of I’M FINE, Jeff brings Zachary to meet his mom…

Kings and Queens – Pilot

Directed by Rachel Relman

**Director, producer, and screenwriter Rachel Relman, assistant director Gracie Meier as well as actor Abhijeet Rane are scheduled to attend.** Drag…

Lesson #8

Directed by Alberto Ferreras

A gay app hookup takes an unexpected turn, proving that the best laid plans won’t get you laid…

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sat, Sep 21
3:30 pm