Dreams of Another Body

This combination of dramatic and documentary shorts gives a diverse and global perspective on the dreams, aspirations, and frustrations of transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people. The riveting multi-award-winning documentary PRISONER OF SOCIETY enters the world and mind of a young transgender woman whose parents have kept her a prisoner in her own home for over a decade in the country of Georgia. In the beautifully moody Iranian film BODIES, a transgender actor in love with her straight director begs her father for a sex change operation to become a biological woman. SWITCH is the fantastical tale of a teenager who finds that she has the magical ability to switch back and forth between genders. In I AM MACKENZIE a skateboarding teen growing up in rural Texas has their first sexual encounter in the back of a truck, leaving them more confused than ever. In OUR TRANSITION, a filmmaker explores his transitioning at 13 years old through the perspective of his parents; and A NORMAL GIRL brings the widely unknown struggles of intersex people to light through the story of Chicago intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis.

In this program

I am Mackenzie

Directed by Artemis Anastasiadou

Caught among toxic masculinity, a sequin dress and a teenage crush, a teen skater, growing up in rural…


Directed by Morvarid Kashiyan

In this beautifully moody film from Iran, a young transgender actor who plays a female role in a…

Our Transition

Directed by Connor O'Keefe

The filmmaker explores his transition to male and coming out at 13 years old by reliving the experience…

A Normal Girl

Directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke

**Producer and film subject Pidgeon Pagonis as well as their mother Laurie Garcia are scheduled to attend.** It…


Directed by Marion Renard

In this genderqueer fantastical tale, a teenage girl’s first sexual encounter with another girl leads to a gender…

Prisoner of Society

Directed by Rati Tsiteladze

This riveting multi-award-winning documentary gives voice to a young transgender woman who has been locked away from the…

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Fri, Sep 20
9:15 pm