It’s Just Complicated

Mixed signals abound as the young women in these shorts try to navigate the land of love without getting their hearts broken. In TREACLE, a bisexual woman joins her straight female friend on a road trip she had been planning to take with her boyfriend before they broke up and finds herself dazed and confused by her friend’s sexual behavior. In the episodic comedy TOUGH LOVE, Nikki is on a quest to find someone to date who will understand and accept her bisexuality, while in BIFL: THE SERIES, Jill is secretly in love with her roommate Chloe and she doesn’t know how to tell her.

In this program

BIFL: The Series

Directed by Daren Taylor

**Producer Amber Rivera as well as actor Mandahla Rose are scheduled to attend.** Jill is a little in love with her…


Directed by Rosie Westhoff

Friends Belle and Jessie go on a weekend road trip together to help Jessie get over a recent…

Tough Love

Directed by James Mackenzie

**Producer, Screenwriter and Actor Malerie Grady is scheduled to attend the screening.** Nikki is committed to finding a…

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Mon, Sep 23
9:15 pm