Knocked Out

These three top-shelf shorts pack a powerful punch in their portrayal of the fortitude of love and self-respect in transcending the hard knocks of life. In CHAMP, an MMA fighter is kicked out of his trainer’s gym when he’s caught getting it on in the shower with another boxer, but rather than being down and out, he’s more intent than ever to win the title and, with it, assert his dignity. In LAND’S END, when a charismatic ex-con gets released from prison, a young man fixated on him picks him up, determined to be part of his life. And in DANTE VS. MOHAMMED ALI, young Wolf prefers poetry to boxing, but when the townspeople in the small Dutch village where he lives force him to fight in a match against his best friend, they get something they didn’t bargain for.

In this program

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali

Directed by Marc Wagenaar

Poetic twenty-year-old Wolf lives in a boxing village in the Netherlands. When he has to fight against his…

Land’s End

Directed by Ben Strebel

Set in a bleak world on England’s south-east coast, LAND’S END follows the magnetic relationship between Adam, a…


Directed by Tomislav Vujčić

When MMA fighter Mike is caught getting it on in the shower with another boxer, he gets kicked…

Dates & Times
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema

Sun, Sep 22
1:00 pm