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These compelling short documentaries paint a picture of the ongoing challenges facing LGBTQ+ communities and society as a whole. In THE MOST HATEFUL SMALL TOWN, a gay filmmaker interviews officials, towns people, and even hate groups as he explores why Harrison, Arkansas is labeled as the most hateful town in America. RESHAPING BEAUTY: ROUND IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES celebrates bodies that do not conform to the classic ideal of beauty, while CHAKALMEX reveals the race/class power dynamics behind the idealization of the male form in young indigenous proletarian communities in Mexico. In MY MATTACHINE, a man searches for a connection in the images of Chicago’s south side in the 1970s/80s, and in THE GAY RUB: A DOCUMENTARY, a man collects and preserves images through rubbings from LGBTQ historical markers, tombstones, plaques, and monuments.

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Directed by Joelle Gonzalez-Laguer

**Director Joelle G. Laguer is scheduled to attend.** The Chacal are young proletarian indigenous men, seen as masculine, virile, and…

The Gay Rub: A Documentary

Directed by Michael J. Saul

Chronicles the project by Steven Reigns devoted to collecting rubbings from LGBTQ historical markers, signs, tombstones, cenotaphs, plaques,…

The Most Hateful Small Town?

Directed by Lawrence Ferrara

A gay man risks his life confronting hate groups in a place labeled the most hateful small town…

Reshaping Beauty: Round in all the Right Places

Directed by Tom Goss

How does Hollywood’s perceptions of beauty, and our acceptance of them, shape what we think is beautiful? How…

My Mattachine

Directed by Martin Mulcahy

**Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Animator and Editor Martin Mulcahy is scheduled to attend the screening.** A troubled gay man…

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Chicago Filmmakers

Sat, Sep 28
1:00 pm