Truth or Dare

Vulnerability is the theme in these deeply emotional shorts that explore the beauty, fear, and power of physical intimacy. In TOUCHSCREEN, a man whose sex life is mediated by a computer is challenged to step out from behind the screen. In the intimate sanctuary of the bathroom, a lonely young queer yearns for love, and learns how to survive heartbreak in THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE BATHROOM. The program continues with a magical twist in THE CURSE, when an eager young man has an encounter with a sorceress whose spell compels him to reveal his true desires. In MISSING, a bartender doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with a customer until he ghosts him. In BOLDLY GO, a young man makes a revealing sacrifice for a chance at true love, while in RUBBER DOLPHIN, love blossoms and blooms all in one night, but can it really last?

In this program


Directed by Arthur Halpern

After an unusual online encounter, a lonely man is challenged to step out from behind his computer screen…

Things That Happen in the Bathroom

Directed by Edward Hancox

For Jak (John Calvin Pierce), the bathroom is a refuge, a place where they can exist without wearing…

The Curse

Directed by Dave Berenato

While at a Halloween party preparing for the online hookup of a lifetime, things get a little weird…

Rubber Dolphin

Directed by Ori Aharon

Rubber Dolphin is a gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they…


Directed by Chi Ma

A bartender doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with his customer until one day the customer disappears.

Boldly Go

Directed by Christopher Cosgrove

A young gay man is hiding an embarrassing secret about his body. When a long-term crush begins seducing…

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