Truth or Dare

Vulnerability is the theme in these deeply emotional shorts that explore the beauty, fear, and power of physical intimacy. In TOUCHSCREEN, a man whose sex life is mediated by a computer is challenged to step out from behind the screen. In the intimate sanctuary of the bathroom, a lonely young queer yearns for love, and learns how to survive heartbreak in THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE BATHROOM. The program continues with a magical twist in THE CURSE, when an eager young man has an encounter with a sorceress whose spell compels him to reveal his true desires. In MISSING, a bartender doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with a customer until he ghosts him. In BOLDLY GO, a young man makes a revealing sacrifice for a chance at true love, while in RUBBER DOLPHIN, love blossoms and blooms all in one night, but can it really last?

In this program


Directed by Arthur Halpern

**Producer, Screenwriter and Actor Kelly Miller is scheduled to attend.** After an unusual online encounter, a lonely man…

Things That Happen in the Bathroom

Directed by Edward Hancox

For Jak (John Calvin Pierce), the bathroom is a refuge, a place where they can exist without wearing…

The Curse

Directed by Dave Berenato

While at a Halloween party preparing for the online hookup of a lifetime, things get a little weird…

Rubber Dolphin

Directed by Ori Aharon

Rubber Dolphin is a gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they…


Directed by Chi Ma

A bartender doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with his customer until one day the customer disappears.

Boldly Go

Directed by Christopher Cosgrove

A young gay man is hiding an embarrassing secret about his body. When a long-term crush begins seducing…

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Sat, Sep 28
9:00 pm