A Skeleton in the Closet

Todos tenemos un muerto en el placard o un hijo en el closet

Directed by Nicolás Teté

Cast: Diego De Paula, Facundo Gambandé, Maria Fernanda Callejon

Streaming October 1–4

An architecture student living in Buenos Aires, Manuel (Facundo Gambandé) returns to his hometown to celebrate his parent’s wedding anniversary, but his ulterior motive is to ask his family for money to move to Denmark to be with his boyfriend. The last time Miguel saw his family, he came out of the closet, so things are tense as his parents find ways to avoid the conversation he needs to have with them. Matters only get worse when Manuel gets dumped long-distance by his boyfriend and his plans are scrapped. Left trying to figure out what to do with his life, Manuel finds solace in a sexual encounter with his former high school teacher, but moving back to his small hometown isn’t an option for him as an out gay man. Feeling like the black sheep in his close-knit boisterous family, who all happily work together in their family-owned pasta factory, Manual’s trip home becomes an opportunity to reconnect with the family he thought he’d left behind.

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Wed, Sep 30
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