Are We Lost Forever

Directed by David Färdmar

Cast: Björn Elgerd, Jonathan Andersson

Streaming September 27–30

Enjoy a pre-recorded Q&A available to view following the film with David Färdmar (Writer/Director) interviewed by host of Out Chicago, Scott Duff.

Hampus and Adrian’s on-again off-again relationship gets the final nail in the coffin one morning when Hampus finally works up the courage to reveal his love has fizzled out for good. Since they were in a long term relationship thought to last forever, so becomes the long process of their breakup. The walls where pictures of them together once hung become increasingly bare, the pillow that once steadily carried the scent of Hampus begins to weaken, and old videos of a romantic holiday now seem a fleeting dream. As the story unfolds the two are both pushed further apart but fate seems to continue to find ways of bringing the men together. Although they are broken up, lingering are the feelings of longing and loss. Are we lost forever?

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Sat, Sep 26
12:00 am