Breaking Fast – Opening Night Film

Directed by Mike Mosallam

Cast: Haaz Sleiman, Michael Cassidy

Streaming September 24–27

Join us for a virtual livestream Q&A on Thursday, September 24 at 7PM with Mike Mosallam (Director), Seth Hauer (Producer), Michael Cassidy (Actor), Amin El Gamal (Actor). Filmmaker Q&A conducted by award-winning filmmaker Rolla Selbak.

Director Mike Mosallam expands his 2015 short film into a compelling romantic comedy, exploring with touching nuance subjects of life, loss, family, and faith. Successful West Hollywood doctor Mo observes the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, breaking fast every night with the traditional Iftar meal. Stewing in leftover heartbreak from his last relationship, Mo encounters non-Muslim Kal at a party, setting off an unlikely spark across cultures. Together, Kal and Mo break fast every night, falling in love over their similarities and differences. As the two men grow closer, traditionalist Mo finds himself withdrawing into his own stubborn worldview. Can Mo embrace a life with Kal, and find happiness in himself as a gay Muslim in America? Director Mosallam delves into the divide between American and Muslim cultures with tenderness and wit, giving audiences a modern screen couple to fall in love with. Streaming September 24–27. Q&A Thursday, 9/24 at 7PM with Mike Mosallam (Director), Seth Hauer (Producer), Michael Cassidy (Actor), Amin El Gamal (Actor).

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