Family Members

Los miembros de la familia

Directed by Mateo Bendesky

Cast: Alejandro Russek, Laila Maltz, Tomás Wicz

Streaming September 28 – October 1

In this elusive and offbeat exploration of familial relationships, director Mateo Bendesky explores grief as it festers in a kind of purgatory. When their mother mysteriously dies, siblings Lucas and Gilda travel to the town on the Argentinian coast she called home in order to dispose of her remains: a single prosthetic hand. Lucas is a slim and pale seventeen-year-old with an emerging fascination with bodybuilding, leading him to local Guido. The two pursue a relationship as Lucas’s sister Gilda struggles with her own issues. She is twenty-years-old and newly discharged from rehab with an intense interest in spirituality. The two siblings, stranded on the coast following a bus strike, must come to terms with their grief as they explore their own complicated relationship.

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