Directed by Arash Es'haghi
Streaming September 28–October 1

By day, a gentle farmer cares for cows and chicks, picks rice in a field, and is a loving father of six sons. By night, the farmer transforms into a magnificent dancer, donning spectacular homemade dresses. The only stage available for this exclusive performance is a dark alley behind the family’s home. The notes of music flowing from the small jukebox and the lively energy of dance serve as a secret protest in the name of love and art after the 1979 Iranian revolution that banned dancing. Although their audience is gone now, memories of a past life performing all across the country as a drag star continue to live on in the now 80-year-old dancer’s heart. While the name of our graceful subject is never revealed in this film (which is currently banned in Iran), we can imagine they are one of many unknown dancers who refused to live a life without their passion and are nostalgic for a once joyous time. “I’ve been wishing to dance on the stage for 30-40 years. But everywhere is the stage for the one who wants to dance.”

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Directed by Michalina Mrozek

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