Lulu en el Jardín

Directed by Jose Luis Benavides

Cast: Amanda Cervantes, Ilene Palacios, Isabela Gonzalez-Smith, Jose Luis Benavides, Lourdes Benavides, Marcela Torres, Margie Henry, Natalie Lira, Nayeli Fernandez, Rosario ZavalaKey

Streaming September 29–October 2

Join us for a virtual livestream Q&A on Friday, October 2 at 9:00 PM CST with Jose Luis Benavides (Director), Amanda Cervantes (Actor), and Ilene Palacios (Actor) of LULU EN EL JARDIN; and Jose Batista-Ayala (Director) and Frankie Allday (Actor) of THE CRUISING MONOLOGUES. Filmmaker Q&A conducted by filmmaker Tadeo Garcia.

Imagine having a conversation with your parent/parents about a source of great trauma. It would necessarily and radically change your understanding of the self, particularly if that trauma stems from a shared way of being. This kaleidoscopic ethnography unfolds a hidden family history told through poetry, music, reenactments, psychoanalytic texts, nightmares and dreams. Lulu en el Jardín recounts the saga of Lourdes Benavides and her family’s many attempts to cure her of her lesbian desires as a teenager. Queering the archive through found footage, first person accounts and extensive research into Chicago-Read Mental Health Center, this intimate and experimental documentary uncovers the deeply personal story of Lulu’s struggles with her identity after migrating from Mexico City to Chicago’s westside during the 1970s. From intersecting histories of institutional racism, homophobia and sexism comes the voice of a tenacious Latina and her queer son’s journey to retrace his mother’s steps and treatment across a city.

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