Directed by Jon Garcia

Cast: Ernesto Reyes, Lowell Deo, Marian Mendez

Streaming October 1–4

Enjoy a pre-recorded Q&A available to view following the film with Jon Garcia (Writer/Director), Sarah Whelden (Director of Photography), Ernesto Reyes (Actor), and Jesse Tayeh (Actor) interviewed by filmmaker Tadeo Garcia.

“Don’t associate with any homosexuals” were the words of warning Carlos offered his cellmate, Ruben. For Ruben, what began as a peculiar mentorship turns into a fierce romance with Carlos, the very cellmate he once feared. Like a sour candy, tough-guy Carlos slowly reveals the tender sweetness inside him. This heart-wrenching drama is a story of survival, not only for the lives of both men, but for their relationship as it transitions to the world outside their cell. Were they just filling the void of loneliness during lock up or truly locked in love?

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Wed, Sep 30
12:00 am