Directed by Eric Steel

Cast: Alex Hurt, Brooke Bloom, Carson Meyer, Chinaza Uche, Chris Perfetti, Christopher McCann, Eleanor Reissa, Lawrence Jansen, Mark Margolis, Richard Topol, Ron Rifkin, Samuel H. Levine, Zane Pais

Streaming October 4–7

A young man tries to reconcile his emerging gay identity with the expectations of his traditional close-knit Jewish family in this “arresting and evocative” (Indiewire) story set during the late 1980s. Samuel H. Levine (star of the breakout Broadway play The Inheritance) plays David, a teenager in a Russian Jewish immigrant family living in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. David’s closest relationship is with his grandfather (Ron Rifkin, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, ALIAS), who is newly widowed and looking to move into a subsidized apartment in a Jewish retirement center. David agrees to live with his grandfather in order to fulfill the requirement for a minyan in their community. (A minyan is a quorum of at least 10 men required for traditional Jewish public worship.) Living in a retirement building doesn’t make for the most exciting life for David, until he meets and befriends his neighbors, two elderly widowers living together in one of the apartments. Realizing they are closeted gays helps David work up the nerve to venture into an East Village gay bar, where he meets hunky bartender Bruno (Alex Hurt). Bruno introduces him to the thrills of sex while also making him aware of the bleak reality of the AIDS epidemic. The klezmer-infused music score contributes to a sense of time and place in this story about being an outsider among outsiders, looking for a place to belong.

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