Stone | Fruit

Directed by Brandon Krajewski

Cast: Matt Palazzolo, Rob Warner, Thomas Hobson

September 29–October 2

Join us for a virtual livestream Q&A on Wednesday, September 30 at 8:30PM CST with Brandon Krajewski (Director), Rob Warner (Actor), Thomas Hobson (Actor), Robert Andrew Perez (Writer), Alex Minas (Editor), Michelle Opitz (Producer), and Emily Beach (Producer). Filmmaker Q&A conducted by journalist Jerry Nunn (Windy City Times, The Edge, and more).

When couple Manny and Russ call their marriage quits and get a divorce, what better way to celebrate than heading to the Central Coast of California together for wine, sun, a threesome, and more wine? Manny and Russ are two complex, confident gay men who are struggling to end their marriage while remaining friends. Enter Byron, their close friend, and it’s a post-divorce party! This witty, sharply-written anti-romantic comedy gives freshness to the classic break-up movie by bringing in a queer perspective and explores the complicated similarities that many couples, both queer and straight, face throughout their love story. STONE | FRUIT also explores the recent advent of same-sex divorce and provides a quiet nuanced exploration of the dynamics of interracial relationships and the distinct issues facing a generation of gay men post-AIDS, post-marriage equality and post-recession.

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