Taiwan Equals Love

Directed by Sophia Yen

Cast: Aliy, Chin-Fai Leong (Gu), Hsiang Ho, Jovi Wu, Mindy Chiu, Tien-Ming Wang, Tse-Yen Ting (ShinChi)

Streaming September 27–30

In TAIWAN EQUALS LOVE, public debate surrounding the legality of same-sex marriage plays out in the personal lives of three couples: Jovi and Mindy, who are raising Jovi’s child from a previous relationship; Tien-Ming and Hsiang, an elderly gay couple who have been living with together for over 30 years; Gu, who moved to Taiwan to live with their partner Shinchi, and then began to face increasing financial and societal pressure. These three sets of partners show how a lack of legal recognition of their relationships puts a strain on the possibilities of a secured future. Who will take care of Hsiang, afflicted with Parkinson’s, if something happens to Tien-Ming? Will Mindy ever be able to adopt Jovi’s daughter? How will Gu and Shinchi work toward financial security? These are some of the questions the documentary poses as a challenge to those fighting against marriage equality. And of course the overarching question the film asks is even after the battle for marriage equality is won, will prejudices within society at large ever change?

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