The Whistle

Directed by StormMiguel Florez

Cast: Barbara L. Purcella, Bernadette (Bern) Adkins, Charlene Padilla Johnson, Gloria Vigil, Havens Levitt, Madie Mirabal, Michelle Martinez, Molly A. Chavez, Monica Bergeron-Heintz, Rebecca Champion, Stephanie Sanchez, StormMiguel Florez, Susan Swann, Tina Quack

Streaming September 27–30

Enjoy a pre-recorded Q&A with StormMiguel Florez (Director) and Annalise Ophelian (Co-producer, DP) conducted by Sharon Zurek, editor and Chicago Filmmakers/Reeling Board President.

Scattered across the city, lesbians of Albuquerque in the ’70s and ’80s were an integral part of its landscape. Even while they resided far away from each other, these queers were able to identify one another through secretly shared glances and of course, the whistle. If a whistle was understood and exchanged then that meant you had found someone like you and maybe even a potential friend and/or partner. The whistle was also used as a sign of acknowledgement, as a way to make a fellow queer feel seen. As the whistle spread throughout the city – one could hear it at carnivals, malls and the high school cafeteria – more and more queers were introduced to the community. So where did the whistle come from? Who came up with the idea? You will have to watch the film to find out.

Co-presented by B.BLYSS!, a women-led organization that curates LGBTQA and culturally diverse events and productions.

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