These Thems

Directed by Jett Garrison

Cast: Gretchen Wylder, Nick Park, Shaan Dasani, Vico Ortiz

Streaming September 24–27

Join us for a virtual livestream Q&A on Friday, September 25 at 7PM CST with Gretchen Wylder (Creator), Jett Garrison (Director), Vico Ortiz (Actor), Shaan Dasani (Actor), and Nick Park (Actor). Filmmaker Q&A conducted by filmmakers Julie Keck and Jess King.

THESE THEMS is a queer comedy that centers the experiences of trans and nonbinary people of color. The series opens with Vero (Victoria “Vico” Ortiz), a Latinx nonbinary dog walker turned educator of cis-heterosexuals, asking Asher (Shaan Dasani), a South Asian trans man for help – telling you what about would be giving away too much. These two friends eventually end up becoming close with the central character, Gretchen (Gretchen Wylder) and her gay best friend, Kevin (Nick Park), through a series of hilarious events. Gretchen, a newly realised lesbian, turns to Vero for guidance as she finds herself attracted to folx across the gender spectrum, while Nick and Asher slowly develop feelings for each other. In delving into the lives of these four characters, THESE THEMS shows how ideas of gender permeate every facet of our lives – from dating to gender reveal parties to job promotions. The means of the series is laughter, wit and genuineness and the aim is to educate.

Co-presented by B.BLYSS!, a women-led organization that curates LGBTQA and culturally diverse events and productions.

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