Lonely Beautiful Boys

Streaming October 1–4

Join us for a Virtual Live Q&A on Friday, October 2 at 6:00PM CST with cast and crew from GLANCES, 1-1, ALL THE YOUNG DUDES, GO GO, BOY!, THE LONELY PRINCE, and ONE MORE PLEASE. Filmmaker Q&A conducted by host of Out Chicago, Scott Duff.

Whether it’s mustering up the courage to approach a stranger, stepping on stage in drag for the first time, taking off your clothes for a photographer, or even fleeing your royal palace to be with the man of your dreams, these beautiful boys and young men won’t be alone for long. Two strangers lock eyes in a cafe in GLANCES. In 1-1, Ayman’s friends crash his first date with a new guy. Set in the 1970s, glam rocker Billy inspires his admirer to rebel against their conservative high school in ALL THE YOUNG DUDES. In PLANTONIC, a relationship blooms between a musician and a plant man he unearthed in his garden. A makeup crazed teenager ignores his brother’s warnings and prepares for his first drag performance in BEAUTY BOYS. Bobby dances in his room and fantasizes being centerstage in GO, GO BOY! When Kevin models for a professional photographer, he gets more than he bargained for in CONTENT. An Indian prince hires a sculptor to keep him company in THE LONELY PRINCE. A young man gets drunk in a bar alone on Valentine’s Day in ONE MORE PLEASE.

Please note that at the request of filmmakers, this program is only available to viewers in the USA.

Thank you to Full Spectrum Features for co-presenting this program. Full Spectrum Features is a full-service production company and specialty distributor located here in Chicago. 

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In this program


Directed by Naures Sager

Streaming October 1–4 Ayman’s sex date with Jonas gets crashed by the friends Amirah and Samir which takes…

All the Young Dudes

Directed by William Stead

Georgia, USA, 1973. Through his love of British glam rock, Billy rebels against his conservative high school, unleashing…

Beauty Boys

Directed by Florent Gouelou

In their small village in the French countryside, 17-year-old Léo and his friends have been preparing their drag…


Directed by Chris Coats

When asked to model for a professional photographer, Kevin (Ben Sidell) seems to be willing to do whatever…


Directed by Aleksei Borovikov

Emotionally driven story of two strangers who lock eyes in a cafe and have to deal with unexpected…

Go Go, Boy!

Directed by Oriana Oppice

Go Go, Boy! follows a black LGBTQ youth as he discovers his place in the world through his…

One More Please

Directed by Aleksei Borovikov

A bittersweet story of a young man, Daniel, who goes to a bar to get drunk feeling alone…


Directed by Krit Komkrichwarakool

A unique relationship flourishes between an aspiring artist and a plant man growing in his garden.

The Lonely Prince

Directed by Shivin & Sunny

A lonely Prince, drowning in melancholy, invites a sculptor to his court to create a piece of art…

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