At the End of Evin

Directed by Mehdi and Mohammad Torab-Beigi

Cast: Ali Baqeri, Mehdi Pakdel, Ra’na Azadivar

Amen, freshly arrived in Tehran, has an incredible opportunity. Through a series of seemingly fated connections, Amen is introduced to Naser, a wealthy man of great renown who has offered to pay for Amen’s gender reassignment surgery. He needs one simple favor in return. Since Amen sounds remarkably like Naser’s daughter Annie, all Amen needs to do is pretend to be Annie for Naser’s blind mother so he can inherit her estate. Amen cautiously agrees to the strange request, but suspicion grows as the days go by and Amen’s questions continue to go unanswered. If they only need Amen’s voice, why do they have to wear Annie’s clothes? Why do they have to take these strange medications? And…where is the real Annie? With inventive filmmaking, AT THE END OF EVIN tells an intriguing and suspenseful story from a fresh perspective, putting us in Amen’s shoes as they find themselves falling deeper into an uncertain situation and have to make a decision none of us should ever have to make.

Available to stream in Illinois only.

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Sat, Sep 25
3:00 pm