Baja Come Down

Directed by Anderson Matthew

Cast: Caitlin Michael Riley, Michelle Ortiz

Charlie and Hannah can’t say it out loud but they both know their relationship is coming to an end. As a last ditch effort, the two women head south from LA to Mexico with Hannah’s cat, along the dusty coast of Baja, California. To Hannah (Caitlin Michael Riley – Netflix’s TRINKETS), the Baja Peninsula is uncharted territory, a foreign land of mystery and adventure. To Charlie (Michelle Ortiz – MADtv), it’s familial roots and childhood vacations. Mesmerized by the coast under the Mexican moonlight, the two young women reconnect and make love. But the long simmering tensions between them once again rise to the surface. When a work crisis beckons Charlie back to LA, cutting the trip short, the question of whether they’ll return separately or together must be faced – and answered. Amidst the gorgeous scenic backdrop, writer-director Anderson Matthew elicits compelling performances from his two young leads.

Available to stream in the U.S. only.

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Tue, Sep 28
7:15 pm