The Greenhouse

Directed by Thomas Wilson-White

Cast: Camilla Ah Kin, Jane Watt, Rhondda Findleton

Still grieving the death of her mother Lillian and stuck in a malaise, Beth Tweedy-Bell awakens one night to find a portal to the past inside an abandoned greenhouse deep within the forest surrounding the family property. On the cusp of her widowed (other) mother Ruth’s 60th birthday and the homecoming of her dysfunctional siblings Andrew, Doonie and Raf, Beth is swept away by visions of their alternative upbringing and re-lives the moments that defined her adolescence. The return of Beth’s one-time girlfriend complicates the situation. The gathering of the family for her special birthday warms Ruth’s heart, though her grief over the loss of her wife Lillian has become harder and harder to bear. Like Beth, she, too, has found her way to the greenhouse. As real-world tensions grow between the siblings and the tug of coming to terms with her true nature heightens, Beth becomes mesmerized by the past, in spite of warnings from Ruth. Ultimately, the past is not the paradise Beth believed it to be as events lead to a bittersweet conclusion. THE GREENHOUSE is an enchanting tale, artfully blending gothic fantasy, an intimate family drama and the romantic intimacy of a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Available to stream in the U.S. only.

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Mon, Sep 27
7:15 pm