Directed by Ángeles Hernández, David Matamoros

Cast: Iván Sánchez, Maria Ribera, Pepe Ocio

Denis and Nacho meet again in a café years after having an intense affair as teenagers. Following decades apart, they quickly regain their ties of trust and friendly affection. Denis (played by Spanish soap opera hunk and model Iván Sánchez) is a freeloading bohemian who needs money to open a restaurant while the bearded dandy Nacho (Pepe Ocio) is serious and upper class. Both men are married – Denis to the beautiful but long-suffering Carmen (Erika Bleda) while Nacho’s wife Marta (Maria Ribera) is wealthy and controlling. Marta wants a baby but when she discovers she can’t get pregnant; she and Nacho offer to pay Carmen to act as their surrogate. To please Denis, Carmen hesitantly agrees. But when she conceives, the celebratory mood is temporary at best as the repressed desires between Denis and Nacho have quickly risen to the surface…and this time the closet doors aren’t likely to stay shut. Based on a popular play, ISAAC is a poignant, sensual drama that underlines the importance of living your authentic life.

Available to stream in the U.S. only.


Community Co-Presenter:

Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Inc.

Chicago’s not-for-profit center for the Spanish language and cultural exchange celebrating 25 years (1996-2021) creating change through the arts and education in Illinois, and worldwide for 30 years. 

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Mon, Sep 27
7:00 pm