My Fiona

Directed by Kelly Walker

Cast: Boston Beck, John Ennis, Sara Amini, Travis Coles

Jane and Fiona have been best friends since childhood, with Jane following Fiona’s lead every step of the way. When Fiona kills herself without warning moments after leaving work for the day, Jane is emotionally destroyed. How do you navigate the world when your best friend inexplicably takes her own life mere moments after you last spoke to her? For Jane, the answer seems to be helping Fiona’s widow Gemma raise their young son Bailey. Jane and Bailey quickly bond, but she and Gemma have nothing in common but their shared grief. Slowly, however, Gemma and Jane are drawn into a surprising and unexpected relationship, even more unexpected because Jane has identified as straight. The question of grief and tenderness and the catastrophic consequences of blending the two come to a head in Jane’s life as she attempts to pick up the pieces, heal and move on. But life isn’t quite that simple as this beautifully acted film demonstrates.

Available to stream online in Illinois only.

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Thu, Sep 30
6:45 pm