Nora Highland

Directed by Ryan Spahn

Cast: Marin Ireland, Michael Hsu Rosen, Michael Urie

Based on a play of the same name, NORA HIGHLAND follows the casting process of a gay character in an upcoming Broadway revival and explores the phenomenon of straight performers being lauded for their work in queer roles, while queer actors are often denied these roles themselves, something writer-director Ryan Spahn, also an out gay actor (MODERN LOVE, THE BITE), has encountered himself. Shot remotely during the Pandemic entirely on computers, the pared-down NORA HIGHLAND relies solely on the story and the actors to engage the viewer, which it does expertly, with nuanced performances – especially those of Michael Hsu Rosen (TINY PRETTY THINGS, THE GOOD DOCTOR) and Marin Ireland (MILDRED PIERCE, HOMELAND, GIRLS, MASTERS OF SEX) – that are enacted over three segments: a casting session, a director meeting, and an LGBTQIA gala. The result is a compelling thought piece that QUEER REVIEW has called “wickedly caustic.”

Available to stream in the U.S. only.