Walk With Me

Directed by Isabel del Rosal

Cast: Bridget Barkan, Devin Dunne Cannon

At the age of 30, and with a young daughter in tow, Amber Evans is forced to start over after she builds up the courage to leave her husband and the only life she’s ever known. While searching for a new apartment she meets Logan, a free-spirited musician with a kind heart who lends an ear to Amber’s situation. What starts out as a close friendship, however, quickly evolves into an unexpected romance. Now, Amber must come to terms with this new, budding identity amidst the turmoil of a divorce before she loses the person that she loves. Will she cave to societal pressure or can she overcome her fears before it destroys her new relationship? This emotionally-involving romantic drama features original songs by Juno-nominated songwriter Amanda Walther.

Available to stream in the U.S. only.

Community Co-Presenter:

Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Inc.

Chicago’s not-for-profit center for the Spanish language and cultural exchange celebrating 25 years (1996-2021) creating change through the arts and education in Illinois, and worldwide for 30 years. 

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Fri, Sep 24
7:00 pm