Revolutions of the Heart: Sapphic Shorts

From the thrill of a first kiss to the grief of saying goodbye, these shorts explore lesbian love across all stages of relationships. With an emphasis on the work that it takes to shoot your shot or keep the love alive (even after death), the characters in these stories must navigate social pressures as well as their own baggage to find love and keep it going. In GIRLS SHOULDN’T WALK ALONE AT NIGHT desire takes hold as two young women find themselves walking home alone after a late-night graduation party. In ROADKILL, a lonely roadkill removal worker has her routine upended when she helps a stranded driver in need of a tow. TOTAL CATCH shows the behind-the-scenes anxieties of online Zoom dating, while in AIMEE VICTORIA the relationship of two deaf women is tested during the struggles of lockdown. In ABBY AND EMILY GO TO PALM SPRINGS, two very different women try not to kill each other on their first vacation together. In MY MOTHER’S GIRLFRIEND two Indian women in love must navigate the attitudes of one of their adult children, and NEW FLESH FOR THE OLD CEREMONY explores grief through a macabre fable of a woman whose recently deceased wife possesses a pack of dogs.

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In this program

Girls Shouldn’t Walk Alone At Night

Directed by Katerine Martineau

After a late-night high school graduation party, Chantal and Delphine find themselves walking home alone in the dark….


Directed by Aliza Brugger

Tillie’s lonely life as a roadkill removal worker is destabilized when Wanda, a lively stranger, comes to town.

Total Catch

Directed by Sarah Clark

Dating is hard… Zoom dating is harder.

Aimee Victoria

Directed by Chrystee Pharris

A film about two profoundly deaf women of color whose relationship is tested during a period of unprecedented…

Abby and Emily Go to Palm Springs

Directed by Hellin Kay

Two women try not to kill each other on their first vacation together. Abby is an artist, Emily…

My Mother’s Girlfriend

Directed by Arun Fulara

Renuka and Sadiya, two working-class women in love with each other, enjoy their day out celebrating Renuka’s birthday….

New Flesh for the Old Ceremony

Directed by Elizabeth Rakhilkina

A lesbian reverie set amidst the backwoods of New England, NEW FLESH FOR THE OLD CEREMONY explores the…

Dates & Times
Landmark Theater

Sat, Sep 25
9:00 pm